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Good Food Box


The Good Food Box Program is a program under the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary whereby anyone can purchase boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price.

Each Good Food Box contains a combination of fruits and vegetables. The content varies monthly, due to seasonal availability.


Pricing and Sizes

• Small: $25 for 15-20lbs

• Medium: $30 for 25-30lbs

• Large: $35 for 35-40lbs

*Please note weights are approximate.


Orders are placed monthly through the Woodcreek Community Association office and can be made in person, over the phone, or online. Payment is due at the time of ordering and no refunds can be issued.


Order By (4 PM)      Pickup Date (1-5 PM)

March 20                    March 29

April 24                       May 3

May 22                        May 31

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