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About Us

If you ask people in our area where they live, they say Woodlands or Woodbine.  So where does Woodcreek come from?  A little history lesson will give you the answer.

Woodlands was established in 1976 and Woodbine 4 years later in 1980. The Woodlands Community Association was incorporated on May 21, 1980, and two years later the Woodbine Community Association was registered on October 19, 1982. 


In order to better serve the needs of the area, the Woodlands and Woodbine Communities amalgamated on January 29, 1992 and the Community Association name was changed to Woodcreek Community Association and  represents the 15,399 residents of both communities.


In 1987 a Community Centre building (approximately 1000  sq.Ft.) was built at 1991 Woodview Drive S. W.  In 2010 we added a 2500 sq. ft. addition with a full basement. We now have a facility that can better serve the needs of the community and provide a venue for meetings, banquets,  dances, birthday parties and meeting rooms for smaller events and programs.


So when you hear the name WOODCREEK think both of the communities.


A further point is that Woodcreek does have two properties. Our main location is the Community Centre in Woodlands. We also have a Woodbine location on Woodborough Road where we have tennis courts, pickle ball courts, basketball hoop, skating rink, a skate board park and a full basketball court. These are all part of the Woodcreek Community Association.

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