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Keith Cartmell

Jennifer Hogg

Leanne Long

Katie McLeod

Anne Christopoulos

Cheryl MacLeod


1st Vice-President

2nd Vice-President



Past President

Ask the Board

If you have questions or suggestions for your Community Association Board, please address them to and we will try to provide the answers.


January Executive Message 

Welcome to 2023! We’re looking forward to a year of activities and events for our community. Come out to the January Board meeting (the 10th at 7:15) and help plan our event schedule for the coming year. We’re looking at bringing back previous events, and trying out new ones.  If you’ve got an idea for something you’re willing to help organize or volunteer for, show up and let us know.

Our AGM was November 22. I’d like to welcome the new and returning Board members. It’s an important role helping to shape what happens in Woodcreek. The changes to the executive committee have Cheryl moving to Past President, Keith moving to President, and Jennifer bringing some great experience to us as 1st Vice President. Anne, Leanne, and Katie stay in their positions. I’d like to thank Cheryl for her leadership during two extremely challenging years. Scott has taken a director at large role. Our awesome staff, Sue, Erin, Kevin, and Kevin are also continuing in their roles.


We are continuing to fine tune the electronic version of our paper newsletter and would be delighted to add your email address to our mailing list. Please contact the office at  with a valid email address. While we’d love it if you also purchased a community association membership, it isn’t required to get the newsletter.

I’d like to give a huge shout out to the many volunteers that help make our events and activities happen. From the people organizing something, the people helping to set up and take down, to the crew working on the ice in our rinks, all are important. Thank you all for your help.


Woodcreek Community Association Board of Directors and other contacts:
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