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Block Party is on August 14th, 2022 

Location: Woodview Cres SW

Admission is FREE!

In attendance will be fun local favourites such as SugarCube and YYC Princesses!  

Special Guests: NHL Flames Players and Bo Levi Mitchell, the Calgary Stampeders Quarterback and more!!! 

Event starts at 1pm with a very special kickoff moment you won’t want to miss!

Click Here to Donate to this great cause!

Community Pantry
1991 Woodview Drive SW
Community Pantry

Hello Neighbours!


What was started as a late night whim at the beginning of the pandemic as grown into a community owned and operated venture. The support the community has shown to the pantry is one of the best examples of the positives of a pandemic. The concept of a community pantry is simple, and it operates much like one of the many little free libraries in the community. Take what you need, and give what you can.


Thanks to Derek Mcgillis and the financial support of the community at large we have a four-cupboard pantry to hold food and household items.

Some of the biggest needs that we have noticed are hygiene products, and sources of protein. During the cold weather months, we are asking that people refrain from donating canned or liquid items that might expand when frozen and damage the pantry.


Running the pantry has truly let me see the generosity and spirit of the community. I have been amazed by the number of people donating directly to the pantry and contacting me to ask about donating different items.


Here is a handy list of items we always need: Soap, feminine hygiene products, shampoo/conditioner, laundry and dish soap, tissues and toilet paper, dried beans and lentils, pasta, dried soups, powdered milk, bread, dried veggies, diapers/ wipes

Extras: (sugar, flour, coffee, tea, treats).


Thank you for your support!

Naomi Burkinshaw

Used Paperback Books

To raise funds for their activities, the seniors have a rapidly growing book collections with a good selection of gently used novels for 50 cents each. Donations of gently used paperbacks would be appreciated. Please drop off books during office hours.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon. Many Woodcreek residents have installed book sharing boxes in the hope that they will bring a little more joy, a little more connection, and a whole lot more books to our community. 


Here’s how it works!  Initially the Little Free Library is stocked with a variety of books.  You stop by and take whatever catches your eye. You bring books to contribute when you can.


Some of the Woodbine/Woodlands locations include:

  • 592 Woodbine Blvd.

  • 32 Woodbrook Close

  • 188 Woodglen Way

  • 67 Woodgreen Place

  • 27 Woodbine Blvd

  • 31 Woodfern Rise

  • 880 Woodpark Way

  • 123 Woodglen Rd.

  • 583 Woodpark Cres.

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